Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Nevada Review

July 23, 2023


Hotel's Swimming Pool during day

Waldorf Astoria Hotel is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas for honemooners and solo travelers in the heart of the bustling city, as you will discover in this Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Nevada review.

About Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Waldorf Astoria is a very nice upscale hotel on the most famous street in Las Vegas, (middle of the Las Vegas Strip) with amazing amenities and very elegant and clean rooms.

Has a Total of 389 Rooms

It is near other hotels I reviewed such as the Park MGM, Aria, and Cosmopolitan. The hotel has a total of 389 rooms for guests to stay in. Unlike many hotels, the main lobby of Waldorf Astoria is on the 23rd floor, where guests go to check in upon arrival.

When we arrived at the lobby, we were directed by hotel personnel to the front desk. The lobby had a beautiful decoration with textured gold walls, which made it a great spot for me to take Instagram photos. Since the hotel is somewhat hidden, not many people pass by or drive by, making it a peaceful and quiet place.

Hotel Rooms

I must say that the rooms at Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Nevada look much more elegant than in some more affordable hotels on the Strip such as the Signature Rental by Owner Direct and other apartment-like accommodations.

Room Amenities

I got a city-view room with a minibar stocked with a variety of delicious beverages, a relaxing soaking tub where I could unwind after a long day, a double sink in the bathroom with a separate shower, which added a touch of convenience, and a closet with high-quality robes.

Additionally, there was king sized bed and a comfortable seating area with a cozy sofa where I could relax and enjoy the view. The room also had a television for entertainment purposes, air conditioning, and a reliable Wi-Fi connection, allowing me to stay connected with the outside world.

Hotel's bedroom with king-size bed, lamp shades, and window view

No Self-parking

One drawback of Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Nevada is that it lacks self-parking, and only offers valet parking for $30, though it is nothing out of the ordinary for the luxurious hotels on the Strip like the Wynn Hotel and others.

This means you cannot park your own vehicle. It can be inconvenient and expensive for guests who prefer self-parking or want to save money on parking fees.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Has a Quiet Environment

One of the features I loved most about the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Nevada is its dedication to providing a quiet environment.

Unlike many other hotels in the area, this establishment does not house a casino, ensuring a peaceful and serene atmosphere. This unique aspect was a major selling point for us, as we sought a retreat from the energetic and fast-paced casino life that defines Las Vegas. And if Waldorf Astoria is a bit pricey for you, there are other more affordable hotels on the Strip, like the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites and Jockey Club Suites Las Vegas, that don't have a casino, too.

Various Restaurants

The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas also offers a range of dining options to suit every palate. We had the pleasure of dining at one of their restaurants, the Zen Kitchen where we savored delicious dishes prepared by talented chefs.

Other restaurants include Twist Restaurant and a tea lounge on the 23rd floor. There is also a sleek sky bar on the same floor where you can view the city or the strip very well.

On the other hand, if you enjoy preparing your own meals there are more affordable apartment-like accommodations on the Strip, such as the Desert Rose Resort Las Vegas or Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers, that are eqipped with a full kitchen.

Spa and a Fitness Center

This is one of the fine hotels that offers a spa and fitness center, allowing guests to indulge in relaxation and wellness activities. We took advantage of the spa services and enjoyed a rejuvenating massage, which left us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Hotel's Fitness Center with thread mill and other equipment

These amenities are located on the 8th floor of the hotel. The gym has all the workout machines that you may need, plus has free fitness classes and yoga classes. On the same floor, there are 2 swimming pools plus cabanas.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Las Vegas Strip Has a Wonderful Service

I want to point out that the hotel staff was friendly and always ready to assist us with any requests or questions we had. Be it arranging transportation or recommending local attractions, they went above and beyond to ensure our stay was enjoyable.

They also have room service and a house car if you need to visit places that are nearby the hotel.

Pros and Cons


  • The panoramic views of the city from the floor-to-ceiling windows are breathtaking, especially when illuminated by the dazzling lights of the Strip at night. 
  • The hotel location provided easy access to the city's iconic attractions such as world-class shopping, renowned entertainment venues, and cultural landmarks. 
  • The rooms are equipped with various amenities that add to the comfort and convenience of your stay. 
  • The hotel offers spacious rooms. The ample space allows for greater comfort and convenience. 
  • This is a smoke-free property. This is a positive feature for non-smokers who prefer a clean and fresh environment without the smell of smoke.


  • The hotel has no self-parking except valet parking which is charged at $30.


What Is So Special About Waldorf Astoria?

The special thing about Waldorf Astoria is that it is located in the middle of the Strip which is known for famous casinos and hotels. It also has beautiful rooms with amenities such as a minibar, separate showers, a hot tub, and excellent service.

Has The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Been Renovated?

Yes, the Waldorf Hotel underwent a full renovation in December 2021. The renovation covered the rooms, meeting rooms, and the entire hotel, revitalizing the property and enhancing the guest experience.

Is Waldorf Astoria Connected To Aria?

No, the Waldorf Astoria is not directly connected to Aria, but both hotels are located on the Strip. They are within walking distance of each other, allowing guests to easily access either Aria or the Waldorf Astoria.

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