Jockey Club Suites Las Vegas Nevada Review

July 23, 2023


If you're a young adult who enjoys staying in service apartment-style hotels, you'll love Jockey Club Suites in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a sitting area with an L-shaped couch, and a furnished bedroom.

Hotel's Aerial Night Shot with other buldings around

This is not my first time staying at the most popular Las Vegas hotels, so I want to provide you with an overview of my stay in this Jockey Club Suites Las Vegas Nevada review and what I liked or didn't like about it.

Jockey Club Hotel’s Location

Jockey Club Suites Las Vegas Nevada is in a very convenient location, right on the famous Las Vegas Strip or Las Vegas Boulevard where you can find famous casinos and other hotels. Similarly to Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip, it doesn't have its own casino, but it is in the center of Cosmopolitan buildings and you can access the casino there. 

The best part is that you will get free parking, which is a great perk, though some other similar hotels like Desert Rose Resort offer it, as well.

Hotel Rooms

When I entered the hotel, I noticed it had a small lobby. After my check-in, I was given a 1 bedroom on the 9th floor. Jockey Club Suites Las Vegas Nevada is a serviced apartment-type hotel.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen

Stepping into my suite, I was happy to find a full kitchen with all the necessary appliances, which is something you don't get in ultra-luxurious hotels on the Strip like the Wynn Las Vegas or the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, where you only have in-room dining.

There was a cooker for me to cook my favorite dishes, a coffee machine to satisfy my caffeine cravings, a fridge to keep my groceries fresh, and a microwave for quick meals.

The kitchen of this hidden gem even had a dining area, allowing me to enjoy my homemade meals in comfort.

Sitting Area

Adjacent to the kitchen was a sitting area furnished with a comfortable couch, a coffee table, and a flat-screen TV.

The hotel room provided air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant temperature throughout my stay, and the free Wi-Fi kept me connected with the outside world.


As for the bedroom, I had a king-size bed. The room was equipped with a hairdryer, clean towels, and a shower, making it convenient for freshening up. The presence of a sizable closet offered ample storage space for my belongings.

I will point out that the rooms at Jockey Club looked quite dated in comparison to hotels from my other reviews, and this was evidenced by their appliances and furniture; you cannot compare them to the Waldorf Astoria rooms that look elegant and modern but they are functional. I guess they have updated some rooms but you will get the value of your money when you stay here.

Hotel's Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom

Property Amenities

An Outdoor Pool

Jockey Club Suites Las Vegas Nevada has an outdoor pool. The hot desert climate of Nevada can be quite intense, but the pool provided a refreshing oasis where I could cool off and relax. It was a great way to escape the heat and enjoy some leisurely swimming.

Hotel's Outdoor Pool during Daylight

A Fitness Center

For those who like to stay active, the Jockey Club Suites also has a fitness center. I am someone who loves working out, so having access to a well-equipped gym was fantastic. I could maintain my exercise routine and stay in shape even while traveling. There is also a sauna for you to relax after a tiring day.

In addition to the pool and fitness center, the hotel also had a hospitality room adjacent to the front desk or lobby. I would get free coffee and popcorn. It was the perfect spot to unwind, socialize, and enjoy some light refreshments.

Pros and Cons


  • The hotel is situated in a great location on the Las Vegas Strip, city center. This means you'll have easy access to numerous top casinos and major attractions.
  • Unlike many other hotels in the area that charge for valet parking, the Jockey Club Suites offers free self-parking. This saves you money·    
  • The average nightly price at the Jockey Club Suites starts from $113, which is often lower than many other hotels on the Strip. 
  • The hotel has fully furnished rooms, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay for guests.   
  • The Jockey Club Suites is conveniently located within walking distance of other renowned hotels like the Cosmopolitan Resort and The Nomad. This allows you to explore and experience different venues, restaurants, and entertainment options without needing transportation.
  •  The hotel provides a free shuttle service, which adds to the convenience of getting around Las Vegas. 
  • The hotel maintains clean rooms, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable environment for guest.


  • The hotel itself does not have a casino. However, you can access Cosmopolitan Casino if that is an essential aspect of your Las Vegas experience.


Does The Jockey Club In Las Vegas Charge Resort Fees?

No, unlike the Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers, the Jockey Club in Las Vegas does not charge these fees, making it one of the most affordable serviced apartment-style hotels on the Vegas Strip.

Does the Jockey Club Have Access To Cosmopolitan Pool?

Yes, the Jockey Club has access to the Cosmopolitan pool, specifically the Bamboo Pool. By presenting your room keys, you can use the pool and even receive towels. Having stayed at Jockey Club Suites myself several times, I have personally enjoyed this amenity.

How Many Floors Is The Jockey Club In Las Vegas?

The Jockey Club in Las Vegas consists of 11 floors. It offers various amenities and spacious accommodations for visitors. Its 11 floors provide guests with a range of options for their stay.

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