Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers Las Vegas Nevada Review

July 23, 2023


Hotel's Lounge with seats and marble floorings

It also comes with all the amenities that you might need for your holiday, gate away, or even your weekend trip.

Read the entire Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers Las Vegas Nevada review to learn about the hotel and the amenities they provide.

Apartment Style Rooms

When I got to the Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers in Las Vegas, Nevada, the first thing I noticed was the large lobby with a sitting area.

What caught my attention also were the beautiful sculptures of horses that adorned the lobby. They added a touch of elegance and made the whole area look even more attractive.

After checking in, I made my way to the 12th floor of my apartment. I was delighted to discover that the Hilton Grand Vacations Club Towers offered rooms that resembled actual apartments. It felt like a home away from home. Apartment features include a sitting area, a full kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony.

Sitting Area

As I entered my room, I was greeted by a cozy sitting area. It featured a comfortable couch, a coffee table, and a large flat-screen TV with premium cable channels. This setup was perfect for relaxing after a long day of exploring the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

A Full Kitchen

There was also a full kitchen in my deluxe suite 1 bedroom. It was equipped with all the necessary appliances, including an oven, microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator.

I found this to be particularly convenient since the hotel didn't have an on-site restaurant, while more luxurious hotels on the Strip like the Wynn Hotel or the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas have multiple ones. Access to a full kitchen allowed me to prepare my favorite meals and enjoy them in the comfort of my own space.

The Bedroom

The bedroom in my apartment was also fully furnished. The bed was comfortable, and the closet provided ample storage for my belongings. The attached bathroom had a bathtub, which was a nice touch for those evenings when I wanted to unwind and soak in a relaxing bath.

All the apartments have balconies which will make it easy to have a beautiful view of the famous Las Vegas Strip. It was truly mesmerizing to see all the bright lights and bustling activity from the comfort of my own space.

Hotel's Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom

Family Friendly Hotel

Another thing that stood out to me about this hotel was its family-friendly atmosphere. Some of the rooms were equipped with infant beds, which was perfect for families traveling with little ones.

Furthermore, the hotel had a children's play area and a children's pool. These amenities were a great way to keep the children entertained and allow them to have some fun during their stay.

Hotel Recreational Amenities

During my stay at the Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers, I had the opportunity to explore and enjoy the various amenities offered by the hotel.

An Outdoor Pool

One of my favorite features was the rooftop pool, where I spent some good moments swimming and basking in the sun.

The view from the rooftop pool was simply breathtaking, with the bustling city below and the surrounding desert landscape.

Outdoor swimming pool at night

Full Service Spa

Whenever I felt tired and in need of relaxation, I took advantage of the spa services available at the hotel.

The skilled professionals there provided me with soothing massages and rejuvenating treatments, leaving me feeling refreshed and revitalized. It was the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploring the city.

A Fitness Center

Staying fit was also important to me, and I was pleased to find a well-equipped fitness center at the hotel. I made it a point to visit regularly, enjoying the state-of-the-art exercise equipment and engaging in invigorating workouts. It was a great way to stay active and maintain my fitness routine while on vacation.

Hotel's Fitness Center with thread mill and other gym equipment

A Convenience Store or a Mini Mart at the Hotel

One convenient aspect of the hotel was the presence of a convenience store. It came in handy whenever I wanted to grab a quick snack or purchase some drinks. It saved me the trouble of venturing far from the hotel to fulfill my cravings.

No Casino

Like with the Jockey Club Suites hotel I also reviewed, the only downside for me was the absence of a casino within the hotel, which other similar serviced apartment-style hotels on the Strip have. However, this was not a major issue as there are numerous casinos located on the famous Las Vegas Strip, just a short walk away.

Pros and Cons


  • The hotel offers fully furnished apartments, providing a comfortable and cozy atmosphere that makes you feel at home during your stay.
  • The rooms come with balconies that offer a better view of the famous Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.
  • The hotel provides all the amenities one might need, ensuring convenience and a pleasant stay.
  • The Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers is known for being family-friendly, catering to the needs of both adults and children.
  • The hotel provides a complimentary shuttle service, making it easier for guests to explore the city and its attractions without worrying about transportation.


  • There is no casino on-site, which means guests would need to go to nearby casinos if they wish to engage in gambling activities. 
  • The hotel charges resort fees, which are additional fees that guests have to pay on top of their room rate.


Does Polo Towers Charge A Resort Fee?

Unlike the similar Deser Rose Resort, Polo Towers charges a resort fee. The stay resort fee covers access to amenities such as the pool, laundry facilities, phone calls, and the fitness center. While these services may be useful, the additional cost can be an inconvenience for budget-conscious travelers.

Do Polo Towers Have A Pool?

Yes, Polo Towers have pools. There is one on the rooftop outdoor pool for adults and a separate pool designated for children, providing a refreshing and enjoyable experience for both age groups.

Who Owns Polo Towers Las Vegas?

Polo Towers Las Vegas was previously managed by Diamond Resorts but was sold to Hilton Grand Vacations in 2021. The ownership of the property transferred from Diamond Resorts to Hilton Grand Vacations, indicating a change in management and ownership of the iconic Las Vegas landmark.

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