Endless Sunshine San Diego Review

June 15, 2023


Have you ever dreamed of a place where the sun always shines, and the ocean breeze never stops blowing? Well, look no further than Endless Sunshine San Diego! As a local resident, I can personally attest to the endless summer vibes that permeate this city year-round. Whether you're a surfer catching some waves in the morning or a foodie exploring the diverse culinary scene, San Diego has something for everyone.

With its stunning beaches, world-class attractions, and laid-back SoCal lifestyle, Endless Sunshine San Diego is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the daily grind and soak up some serious Vitamin D.

So pack your bags, grab your shades, and get ready to experience one of the best hotels near UCSD, San Diego beaches and other popular atractions and business hubs in the area!

Key Takeaways:

  • The property is ideally located in the heart of La Jolla district, just a short distance from some of the most beautiful beaches in the area.
  • Endless Sunshine San Diego is a great place to stay for those who want to escape the daily grind and soak up some serious Vitamin D, with its endless summer vibes, stunning beaches, world-class attractions, and laid-back SoCal lifestyle.
  • The property offers luxurious accommodations, including 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with a gorgeous pool view and a private pool.
  • Guests can take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen or dine at nearby restaurants, Muir Coffee House and Restaurant Pines and Roots.
  • The property provides all the service and comforts of a hotel, including free WiFi, air conditioning, laundry, spa and relaxation area, and plenty of sports activities for guests to enjoy. Pets are also allowed during your stay, completely free of charge.

Endless Sunshine San Diego Review


Endless Sunshine has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with a gorgeous pool view and your own private pool - perfect for a dip when the sun is shining!

On the other hand, I enjoyed the luxury of a bathtub shower and a coffee machine for my morning brew. There is a bathtub and a shower for you to wash the day away.

Dining Options

Restaurant options nearest to the property are Muir Coffee House and Restaurant Pines and Roots that made my dinner scrumptious. Both offer excellent food and drinks at reasonable prices, and Muir Coffee House also has a full bar.

In addition, you can also take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen if you'd like to cook something for yourself or barbecue on-site. No matter what you're in the mood for, these two restaurants in La Jolla have you covered!

Images of hotel facilities

Facilities And Amenities

If you're looking for a vacation home in La Jolla that offers something for everyone, you're in luck! This accommodation in La Jolla provides all the service and comforts better than a hotel, such as free WiFi, a kitchen, air conditioning, laundry, and even a spa and relaxation area.

Plus, they have plenty of sports activities for guests to enjoy, from cycling and snorkeling to bowling, horseback riding, mini golf, squash, fishing, table tennis, and hiking. And of course, there's an outdoor swimming pool that I took advantage of, for those hot days. Additionally, parking is available on the property for a fee, unlike in some other popular places to stay in San Diego.

Location And Surroundings

If you're anything like me, you love to explore and soak up new experiences. That's why I couldn't be happier with the location of Endless Sunshine San Diego! Nestled in the heart of the gorgeous La Jolla district, this hotel is just 400m from Black's Beach and less than a mile from South Black's Beach - two of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

And if you're looking for even more adventure, Torrey Pines State Beach is just 2.2 miles away and Torrey Pines State Reserve is only 9 miles away. Trust me, these spots are not to be missed. And for those who love to learn, we're conveniently close to some fantastic museums like the American Presidents Museum, Maritime Museum of San Diego, and San Diego Aerospace Museum.

Plus, with the San Diego International Airport just a short drive away, you'll be able to start your vacation off on the right foot.

The hotel exterior

Customer Services

Vacation Home Management Vacasa manages these vacation homes in San Diego and takes care of the cleaning before and after each set of guests comes and goes. All you need to do is inform them of your check in time, and they'll ask for a valid ID or credit card.

And to make sure you get all services you're paying for, read the review from previous guests! It's a great way to make sure you have a great stay.

Do They Allow Pets?

As an animal lover, I was thrilled to discover that Endless Sunshine San Diego allows pets during your stay. And get this - it's completely free of charge! I mean, how amazing is that? I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first - I'd never heard of a hotel that welcomed pets with open arms before. But once I learned that my furry friend could join me on my vacation, I was over the moon.

Now, instead of worrying about finding a pet sitter, I can bring my pup along for the ride and make unforgettable memories together.

The hotel interior

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Drink on the Coast?

There are plenty of great places for travelers to enjoy drinks along the coast and San Diego County! From beach bars to rooftop lounges to craft breweries, the options are plentiful. So go ahead and explore the coastline to find the perfect spot for happy hour with friends or a romantic night out. Cheers!

Is Endless Sunshine a good hotel?

I can definitely recommend Endless Sunshine as a great place to stay away from home. The amenities are top-notch, with all the necessary kitchen and bathroom facilities and so much more. It's truly a home away from home, and I would not hesitate to stay here again in the future.

Is Endless Sunshine far from the beach?

No, Endless Sunshine is not far from the beach! In fact the Black's Beach is at walking distance and makes for a great spot for a beach day.

Does Endless Sunshine have cribs?

No. Endless Sunshine does not have cribs but they do have other activities to keep kids busy. There is a playground on site especially for children.

The hotel room


Well, that's all I have to say about Endless Sunshine San Diego. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about this hotel in La Jolla, San Diego. With its beautiful beaches, great climate and endless sunshine, it's no wonder why San Diego is a popular vacation destination. Thanks for joining me on this little journey and I hope you have a great vacation here!

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